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Nine Mile Botanicals

Nine Mile Botanicals vision starts in the heart of Jamaica’s St. Ann Parish in the village of Nine Mile, about two hours northwest of Kingston . This small village where people live on the hillside in the rural part of Jamaica is hollowed ground.  It is the birthplace of Cedella Marley-Booker and her son, legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. People live simple lives here. Being so remote pharmaceutical medicines and medical doctors are sparse.

The residents of Nine Mile depend on traditional herbal medicine and remedies handed down from generation to generation. This Ital way of life is what inspired the son of Cedella and brother of Bob Marley Richard Booker to create the Nine Mile Botanicals brand. Nine Mile Botanicals focuses on different aspects of herbal healing coupled with the most advanced process of extract making. We source the most potent raw materials from all over the world where the most natural harvesting methods are used to make the worlds finest extracts. This care enables sustainable growth for both the plant and the regional farmers from where it grows. Nine Mile Botanicals, Island Inspired Herbs

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