Botanaway Inc.

We are a manufacturer of many well-known brands. Zion Herbals, Nine Mile botanicals, Bintang Speciosa Shot and many other reputable brands. Our botanicals and extracts come from our partner plantations throughout the globe. Our herbal products are unique to our brands and offer the highest purity extracts and isolates available. Whether it’s from our Virginia hemp farm or our Borneo Kratom plantation we only sell our trusted superior quality herbs.

We are cGMP compliant and manufacture all our products in house. All products are tested for quality and cleanliness.

We offer the widest variety of delivery methods offered in high end packaging. Our brands are known for their unique quality and are priced to compete successfully with any other brands guaranteed. We have been in operation since 2010 and have been instrumental in introducing ground breaking botanicals while leading the advocacy efforts to keep herbals available worldwide. A large percentage of our proceeds go directly into Kratom leadership efforts globally.

We are proud sponsor of all Champs Trade Shows and are featured in B2B magazine and HQ magazine. Strictly the best is our motto and we strive to always deliver.

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