Brand Building
We build brands

Whether its creating a unique product formulation, brand name, logo, and visual identity or increasing the stature of your current branding, we at Botanaway Inc can help. We specialize in rare and exotic botanicals and extracts sourced from our partners around the globe. We always offer the highest purity extracts and concentrates that far exceed what is available. Strictly the best is our motto and we live it.

We offer a fully customizable process for white label or private label products. We can fully create your brand turn-key or manufacture unlabeled products.

Our brand marketing strategy service helps businesses establish and promote a strong brand image to attract and retain customers. Our approach includes conducting market research to understand the target audience, defining the brand identity and messaging, and developing a comprehensive marketing plan to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

In conjunction with our brand strategy, our graphic design service provides businesses with visually appealing and effective design solutions for their products. Our CEO and design team work in tandem along with our clients as long as it takes to get it right. We know that to be successful in the marketplace you need to stand out and feel proud of your image and product superiority.

Alongside our Graphic Design services we offer customization of packaging to the specific needs of the customer.

  • New product launch?
  • New display?
  • New multiple count packaging?

We are confident our packaging options are what you need.